Jade Wang


Jade Wang

Jade Q. Wang co-founded Sandstorm.io, an open source server OS that makes it radically easier for organizations to deploy instances of web applications to a private cloud.

Previously, she created and led the developer engagement program for open source web framework Meteor, and grew the community to over a hundred active meetup groups in cities all over the world in just under 2 years. She also founded Chez JJ, the network of live-work communities for hackers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.


Building open source communities: decentralization and empowerment

Open source projects are evaluated not only on the code, but their communities, so it is important to be intentional about community building.

This presentation will make the case for the radically decentralized philosophy (in contrast to top-down governance) behind the thriving community programs Jade built at Sandstorm.io (and previously at Meteor), illustrated with case studies from the trenches, and explain how to cultivate that community from the ground up.

Case studies: 1) SandForms, origin story of how a team at ThoughtWorks came together to build a Sandstorm app for their social impact work, 2) Discover Meteor, a story from personal introduction to open source Reddit clone to the premier textbook in the Meteor ecosystem.


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