Christian Heilmann

Programe manager for developer outreach | Microsoft Edge team

Christian Heilmann

Chris Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. Originally coming from a radio journalism background, he built his first web site from scratch around 1997 and spent the following years working on lots of large, international web sites.

He then spent a few years in Yahoo building products and explaining and training people including Yahoo Answers, Search, Local and Maps. He then worked at Mozilla moving HTML5 support forward and advocating Firefox OS as an open alternative to closed mobile systems. Chris wrote two and contributed to eight books on web development and wrote many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie and many more. He also wrote the Developer Evangelism Handbook in use in many companies to coach evangelists.

He is currently working with the Microsoft Edge team as a Program Manager for Developer Outreach.


Turning a community into evangelism helpers

One of the biggest issues of developer evangelism is scaling. You don’t want to hire a few people and burn them out. You also don’t want to have people blog and present about your products without any quality control. It is a fine line between supporting a community with materials to use in their messaging and to force them to become robots repeating messages that are very refined but insincere. It is especially important to allow your community to localise your materials to different cultural environments - something many companies are missing out on.

In this session Chris Heilmann is going to show how during his time in Mozilla he started and Evangelism Reps program, shared materials with a world-wide community for re-use and localisation and how to keep upper management and marketing from interfering with your efforts. Many companies are very open to letting people talk about their products, but won’t allow them to use their own voice. A canned presentation is easy to create, but very hard to present with any enthusiasm. You’ll learn about ways to distribute content, train people on applying the content in a contextual manner and how to empower people to be their own voice.


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